Spiritual and Sacramental Ministry

by OMI Bangladesh on April 1, 2011

Sacramental ministry of the people being their priority the first task of the Oblates was to look for the lost sheep, gather the scattered flock across hills and valleys, jungles and tea gardens, to baptize the unbaptized, confirm the unconfirmed, marry the unmarried, anoint the sick, and bury the dying. With the team of MC Sisters, the Oblate Fathers began to visit the villages regularly, instructing the people, forming Basic Christian Communities while training the lay leaders. Catechists were brought in from other Dioceses to catechize the catechumens.

It is our first and foremost duty to give spiritual care to our Christians. They are on the top of the hills. We regularly visit them, say Masses and administer sacraments. In most of the villages there are paid Catechists who teach Catechism, take care of Religion and run primary schools for the children. Sisters accompany us during our visits, they visit families, listen to them, supervise our schools, give medicine to the people. In case of necessity we bring the patients to the mission Centre so that the person may get better and proper treatment from the hospital.

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