Health Ministry

by OMI Bangladesh on November 3, 2012

There is a saying: “Health is wealth” with¬out which neither one can live happily nor can attain full physical growth. Most of the people are poor and illiterate therefore they do not know much about their health care and do not have money for treatment when they fall sick. From the beginning of our mission we have been paying much attention to this area. We, invited two groups of Missionary of Charity (Sisters of Mother Theresa) in our two Mission stations. In one Mission (Lokhipur) we built them a big house for the sick and mal-nutritious poeple so that they can come there and get necessary medical help. In another Mission (Sylhet) MC sisters on their own, built a house for this type of service. Our cars are used to take patients to the hospitals for further treatments. We have a clinic and a maternity home in Mugaipar Mission which is run by the Salessian Sisters. It is a rural village where no Government hospitals and clinics are found. There are no good hos¬pitals around our Mission stations except in Sylhet town. Therefore, many sick people come to our Central House from all these 4 Mission stations to seek treatment from Government medical hospi¬tal. These are the patients who cannot be treated by the Sisters. On their own they cannot go to the hospitals therefore, we employed a man who takes them to the hospital in Dhaka. Our house is used as a centre for accommodation. Many sick people come sometimes from far (more than 100 km away). We decided to build a better sick shelter providing more facilities for the sick people in Sylhet.

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