Borolekha Parish

Parish ministry became inevitable and an irreplaceable need. Keeping Sylhet which was established in 1982 as the base, and in order to be close to people and take part in their daily life thus providing them with a sense of belonging to a bigger community the Oblates began to set up parishes and appoint resident pastors in many mission centers.

Among many indigenous groups of people one indigenous group of people that needed our attention was the tea estate workers. In order to be close to these people the Oblate Fathers established a mission in 1985 at Lokhipur surrounded by many tea estates. They were soon joined by the Holy Cross sisters, Missionaries of Charity sisters and SMRA sisters who formed a band of team to work among the tea estate workers and among the Khasis who lived on surrounding hill tops. Lokhipur Parish had been so vast and extensive with many sub-stations a need was felt to divide the parish into two. So, on Easter Sunday of 2010 a new sub-parish was established at Boroleka, the first and only church in Bangladesh named: Church of Divine Mercy. We are grateful to His Excellency Most Rev.Joseph Marino, the Apostolic Nuncio who has taken a keep interest to see the completion of the entire complex to make it a full fledged Parish.
At present the appointed Pastors are:

Parish Priest:
Fr. Badol Dominic Rozario, OMI

Assistance Parish Priest: 
Fr. Proloy


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