Jamal Khan Parish

Parish ministry became inevitable and an irreplaceable need. Keeping Sylhet which was established in 1982 as the base, and in order to be close to people and take part in their daily life thus providing them with a sense of belonging to a bigger community the Oblates began to set up parishes and appoint resident pastors in many mission centers.

We always dreamt of moving toanother diocese and Chittagong is a big leap into the unknown. Trusting in the loving care of the Father who will not leave us to wonder alone, we made this bold decision. It is a new venture to step into a new diocese after 33 years of presence in Bangladesh. We have taken up two new parishes in the diocese of

Chittagong in the year 2006. There was a persistent request from Bishop Patrick D’ Rozario CSC, Bishop of Chittagong to take up one of the remote, hilly and neglected tribal areas in the Hill Tract district of Bandarban and one of the city parishes named Church of the Immaculate Conception. The Xaverian Missionaries were earlier in charge of Jamal khan. Rev. Fr. Henry Rebeiro OMI is the first Oblate to be the parish priest since January 2006.

Originally this Church was an Anglo-Indian parish having parishioners from many areas. Many eventually migrated to other countries. Only a few of the Anglo-Indian families are now holding their ancestral heritage. There are about 700 in this parish of whom a significant number are Sri Lankans. A few are businessmen; a few are involved in the garment sector and the international Shipping Corporation. There are many Medical students too. Their active participation in the liturgy and other parish activities is praiseworthy.

Jamal khan is a good stopover for those to rest before going to Dhaka or any b

other place and an excellent place for the Chittagong group to meet.

Parish Priest:
Fr. Angelo Myrtin, OMI

Assistance Parish Priest:  
Fr. Paulous Murmu, OMI

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