Khadim Parish

Parish ministry became inevitable and an irreplaceable need. Keeping Sylhet which was established in 1982 as the base, and in order to be close to people and take part in their daily life thus providing them with a sense of belonging to a bigger community the Oblates began to set up parishes and appoint resident pastors in many mission centers.

As for communication in the recent years, our Oblate pioneers in the area could not even dream of reaching Sylhet in a day but now it is the matter of four and half hours from the Mega city of Dhaka. Our pioneers
did not loose heart in spite of the delay in reaching home. Their zeal and passion for the Church and its people were as high as the Himalayas. The fruits of their hard labour are that the people of the area still remember them, show respect to them. Among the pioneers Frs. Henry Van Hoof, Andrew Charvet, Emil Moraes, Angelo Martyr, Francis Gerard, Smiler Doronilla, Gilles Gauthier and Monohor Corraya, are the ones who laboured the Oblate roots in the soil of the Khadimnagar, Sylhet mission.

Sylhet has a vast territory, to pay more attention to the people and to shepherd the flocks more closely the parish was divided. Since then the OMI Fathers are at  Jaflon too being ‘Always close to the people’ giving them spiritual, pastoral and educational care.
The Sylhet parish cum Delegation Superior’s House has many roles to play. The mission has three primary schools administered by the Fathers. Khadim Nirmola Primary School is the fruit of the hard labour of the pioneer Oblates who thought that the education is the urgent need for the people for their human dignity. The Mission and the Tea Estate management jointly run it. Last year the school was blessed with another building, as the numbers of students are increasing every year. We are grateful to the Khadim Tea Estate Authority for their wonderful gesture, in educating the    underprivileged and marginalized tea estate children.

We are extremely happy to construct another school at Kalagul Tea Estate. The Kalagul ESA School is funded by ESA, an NOO in Japan. The administration of the school is under the Fathers of Sylhet. We are grateful to ESA and appreciate their hard labour and concern for the poor children of the tea estates. We are also able to run Mongalpur primary school with the financial support of Caritas Bangladesh. The OMI Fathers are able to continue the education ministry because of the sacrifices, concern of many generous people and organisations.

To give the Christian values the children, we have Sunday catechism. The children are the future faithful of the Church. Keeping this idea in mind the Fathers have introduced the Holy Childhood in the Mission. It is to increase the taste for religion and the Church. We are grateful to the MC sisters and the Holy Childhood animator Shamoly Silva.

Sylhet parish consists of many tea estates with a Garo population. Most of them do not have any land of their own. A very few of them have a piece of land of their own. The tea estate people live in the tea estate while Garos live in the hills. The condition of the tea estate people is horrible. They are mostly oppressed and marginalized people. There exists a ‘Circle of poverty’ because of the oppression from the garden authority. Of course another reason is that the people are illiterate. They get less than half a dollar each day as wage. With that money it is impossible to run the family and they hardly dream of edUcatin,, their children. This is one reason why the Fathers run the Schools in the Tea Estate.

Parish Priest:
Fr. Ripon Richard Rozario, OMI

Assistance Parish Priest:  

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