Mugaipar Parish

Parish ministry became inevitable and an irreplaceable need. Keeping Sylhet which was established in 1982 as the base, and in order to be close to people and take part in their daily life thus providing them with a sense of belonging to a bigger community the Oblates began to set up parishes and appoint resident pastors in many mission centers. Thus, the Oblates appointed permanent resident pastors at Mugaipar parish in 1979, in the District of Sunamgonj. Assisted by the Salesian sisters the Oblates took care of nine villages which mainly composed of Madhi indeiginous communities. A small sub-parish was formally inaugurated on 8 August 2011, at Rajai, formally part of Mugaipar Parish.

The Oblates were entrusted with serving the Mugaipar mission in 1979. The Nine villages in Mugaipar serve the type of apostolate the Oblates are involved in, being with the poor and uneducated for peace. Fr Kazol who is the Parish priest is ably assisted by Fr Dominic. Fr Robi is the headmaster of a school. Much attention is paid to form and train lay leaders and catechists. The Salesian Sisters are assisting the Oblates in the education of tribal children. They also run a Clinic for women.

Mugaipar parish is blessed in having a church, rectory, convent, clinic, two hostels for the boys and girls, a primary and secondary school. There are eighty four girls and seventy boys in the hostels who come from the different parishes of Sylhlet and all of them are tribals. They study in our parish school. In the last few years this school is dominating the district of Sunamgonj as the best school because 99% students pass every year. The Priests and sisters are always aware of the spiritual growth of the faithful, beside their social developments. During the season of Lent many steps were taken for the preparation of the parishioners, such as a program on local leadership, a living way of the cross, hearing confessions in the parish. On the Caritas Sunday a whole day program was arranged for the people by the members of Caritas. All the poor and neglected mothers are helped by our small clinic that is run by the Salesian Sisters. Recently a program was arranged based on the duty of a mother. The service that Sisters are giving is open to all irrespective of religions. The 28 years of dedicated service by the Oblates is achieved partly what the founder envisaged. The Gospel is preached to the people in remote areas, the levels of education uplifted, standards of living improved and people of all denominations are united in peace and harmony. This is truly our achievement and the Oblates can be really proud of their charism.

At present the appointed Pastors are;

Parish Priest:
r. Ronjit Costa, OMI

Assistance Parish Priest: 
Fr. Dipok Costa OMI, (Head Master of the School.)


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